How CFIC Funding Began

Our business is about you… your business… your story… without you we do not exist:

We really began with an idea over 25 years ago. As marketing consultants, we were helping small business owners grow their companies. We helped these businesses fix their advertising, resurrect lead generation, and improve sales conversions.

Time and time again we found that companies needed capital to expand, help them through a pinch, purchase inventory, take advantage of volume discounts, and acquire new or used equipment.

Assuming you own an established business, there will be plenty of opportunities where extra working capital is needed. It might be $5,000, $40,000, $150,000 or more on a short-term basis…

…You want the paperwork to be simple, approval likely and the funds deposited into your business account quickly. (We’re talking hours or days, not weeks or months.)

Delivering the funds you need and the service you deserve – that’s what we do.

Our 3 Core Principles

An uncompromising commitment to customer service has fueled CFIC Funding since it began providing short-term financing to small businesses. Our nationally-recognized achievements are the result of three main principles:

1 Our company leadership from the financial industry and business development working with a wide-range of industries.

2 An intentional strategy of offering many options to our customers. The goal is always to ensure that each funding solution is customized to meet each of our client’s needs.

3 A purposeful culture of customer service, supporting our core principles in every department and at every level of our company.


David Young – Founder, Owner 

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